Needs Analysis


A solution to one of the most common causes of project delays and cost overruns.

The old saying "Hindsight is 20/20" often gets mentioned in the middle of construction or renovation projects, particularly when cost or time issues arise. But what if there were a way to sharpen your vision at the outset?

A Needs Analysis can help you do just that: provide clear insight and a solid foundation at the start of your project. This reduces the potential to run into more costly issues down the road.

What to expect:

By booking a Needs Analysis, you'll receive the following:

  • Regulatory and zoning analysis

  • Site & existing conditions review

  • Project-specific roadmap and recommendations for next steps

  • PLUS: A complete Design Consultation


The Benefits

Spending a little time and money on the front end can ultimately save you far more in the long run. You'll have a solid game-plan that you can take to any architect; however, if you enjoyed working with me, then I'd love to keep moving forward!

Results from the Needs Analysis are yours to use with any architect, builder, etc. If you enjoyed working together and would like to take the next step with me, the analysis fee will be credited towards the contract fee costs.