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Sloan Springer Architect provides a full-service design experience, ranging from early planning stages to project completion. Specializations include new homes, additions, renovations, and boutique office/small commercial spaces.

Pre-Design Consultations


Lets Chat

Initial phone call to discuss your project and how I can help you moving forward.


Design Consultation

1-2 hour meeting to review your project and establish a preliminary roadmap, including estimated budget and schedule.

Needs Analysis

Custom-tailored guide to help you understand potential issues and constraints for your project.


Design Service Tiers


Permit Design

Base design and documentation necessary to obtain a building permit. This service focuses on overall design layout and form, but no material selection, construction detailing, or interior design beyond the floor plan.

  • Design Concept

  • Floor Plans

  • Primary Building Elevations

  • Site Plan per official civil survey

  • Area and Impervious Coverage calculations for permitting

Typical fee range: 5-7% of estimated construction cost*


Core Design

Design and documentation to fully convey the design intent of the project to a general contractor for pricing. The goal of this package is to provide an overall building design experience, from planning and design to coordinating with the contractor prior to construction.

  • Permit Design services

  • Building Sections to convey vertical relationships

  • Wall Sections to illustrate exterior materials

  • Typical Details

  • Interior Elevation layouts

  • Power and Lighting Plan

  • 3D BIMx model for client and contractor use

Typical fee range: 7-11% of estimated construction cost*


Premium Design

Full-service design experience, including interior design and construction observation, as well as renderings to better understand the design. This is the package to maximize the opportunity for return on your investment with a fully designed and integrated project delivery. In addition to design, I’ll work closely with the selected builder throughout the process to ensure a well-coordinated and seamless process.

  • Permit Design services

  • Core Design services

  • Material and fixture selections

  • Rendering and presentation documents

  • Construction Observation meetings

  • Construction Shop Drawings review

Typical fee range: 11-13% of estimated construction cost*

*These ranges represent ballpark figures for typical projects in each category. Actual fees are custom-tailored for each individual project and presented as a flat-fee. My fee is set to enable me to provide you with the best possible service and value. Click below to schedule a Project Roadmap Proposal and see how we can take your project from idea to reality!

Can't find what you're looking for?


Drop me a line and I'll see what I can do! I provide the range of architectural services, from programming and planning to design, and construction observation. If I'm not able to offer what you need, I'd be happy to help you find the right person.