Project Planning Pack

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Don't start your project on the wrong this guide to reduce the risk of going over time and over budget!

All too often I see people moving into the design phase, or even permitting and construction, with little or no time spent on research. If you think about it, this is like a doctor starting surgery without a diagnosis, or more fitting, like trying to build a house on a bad foundation.

By following along, you’ll reduce project risk and set the stage for an improved design and overall experience.

Whats included:
Project Timeline
What doe the process look like?

Critical Questions
Answer the big-picture questions to get started

Home Cost Estimator
Simple calculator to estimate the cost of your project

Myth vs Reality
Theres more to architects than you might think

Interviewing an Architect
Questions you should ask before hiring an architect

Expert Directory
Top professionals who can help you at each stage of the process

Readiness Assessment
Determine how ready you are to move on to the design stage

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