We don’t build houses like we used to...


Check out this great article by McMansion Hell’s Kate Wagner, which delves into the realities behind the common statement about current construction practices. I’ve had quite a bit of first-hand experience, from renovating historic buildings and old homes to working with rental and spec builders. It’s a topic that I often ponder, and have very mixed feelings about both professionally and personally.

Beyond professional experience, living between the east coast and south I’ve spent plenty of time in everything from century-old townhomes to present-day production builder homes. While different eras and building types may each have their pros and cons, one consistent fact is that proper maintenance can certainly help level the playing field.

It’s important to keep socioeconomic and technological contexts in mind when attempting to draw comparisons between anything of modern-day and generations past. Additionally, the context of the construction itself is critical in ensuring that you are looking at apples to apples.

Ultimately, comparing a typical home from the last 20-30 years with anything more dated, even only as far as the last turn of the century, becomes a not so black and white exercise that could be covered in such a blanket generalization. 

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Sloan SpringerComment