Working With an Architect Remotely


Finding the right architect for your project is no short order; services like Houzz, Sweeten, or even a good ole' Google search can help you get your feet in the water, but what happens when you find the perfect person or firm located across the country from you?

With the proliferation of communication technologies and peoples desire to be freed from their desk, the concept of remote working is all but commonplace these days. But we typically think of working from home, on the road, or, dare I say, on vacation, when speaking of "remoting in". But what about the idea of working with someone halfway across the globe to design your own home? Not so typical, you might say.

However, commercial architects have been doing this successfully for years, and the trend is making its move into the residential sector. With some planning, willingness to try new things, and a small bit of tech-savvy, you can be well on your way, regardless of where your project is.

A recent article in Architectural Digest goes into the topic with some helpful input from architects and designers working globally.

Can You Design a Home Remotely? | Architectural Digest

Stay tuned for more detail on this topic!

Sloan Springer