What's the Difference: Architect vs. Builder vs. Interior Designer?

Image courtesy of Turnstyle Design

Image courtesy of Turnstyle Design

Perhaps one of the most frequent questions I hear about the design and construction process relates to all the different roles within the industry, particularly regarding the overlap (and often, confusion) between them. Architects, interior designers, engineers, and contractors all play pivotal roles in bringing a project to life, but to those unfamiliar with the process, those roles can seem blurry, at best.

 Low and behold, I came across this excellent interview by Austin's own Lieve Saether, of Turnstyle Interior Design, that covers all the above and more!


"...it’s like a three legged stool, we all come at this discipline with slightly different offerings, intentions, and skill sets. When the three work together and bring their abilities to the table you get the most fantastic results - there’s just no way around that." - Lieve Saether


Check out the interview here.

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