One Reason Why I'm an Architect


I recently came across an interview from earlier this year with Joshua Ramus, an architect whom I greatly admire. The majority of the talk was focused on professional growth and development in our industry, but towards the end, I found something that resonated even more with my own dispositions:

"Personally, I would never want to relinquish this kind of intimate engagement with the users of our designs. It’s just too rewarding... It’s why you would be an architect over many other things: the ability to change the lives of people that you have now a vested interest in. The greater the removal from them, the less rewarding, the less is at stake for you — and what a pity." - JPR

One of the best parts of my job is getting to know new people and helping them to realize their dreams. My clients are the ones that make every project fascinating and unique. After all, the architect is only involved for what amounts to be a fraction of the life of the space; leveraging the uniqueness of each client and project is the key to it's long-term success and happiness.

Sloan Springer