The #1 Key to Building Your Dream Home


Dramatic title, I know...but I really do believe its this simple: clear, open communication and collaboration during the entire design and construction process is the single most important thing to a successful project. Without it, you're in for a long ride and less than desirable results.

Set the tone
Some people tend to think of architects as egotistical jerks, and contractors as gruff and grumpy. Sure, those types exist, but most of us are quite personable, and our first and foremost goal is to help you achieve yours. To that end, an important aspect of my role as an architect is to help foster a collaborative and open environment where everyone has an equal and valuable voice.

Be clear about expectations
One of the quickest ways to a rocky relationship is by not setting expectations. This goes for every member of the team, and the better everyone understands what the others expect of them, the smoother the whole process will be. If you're not sure about something, don't hesitate to speak up!

Flow of information goes both ways
From the initial inquiry through move-in day, and beyond, keeping the lines of communication open and flowing in both directions will ensure that everyone stays up to date and on the same page. The farther along the project gets, the more important it is to make timely decisions and keep the whole team in the loop.

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Sloan SpringerComment