Benefits of Working with an Architect


Building a new home, addition, or renovation can be a hefty financial undertaking…having an architect will not only help safeguard the investment you’re making in your home, but also provide additional value for both you and your home. A good architect will bring to the table quality design experience, knowledge to balance your dreams with the unique realities of your project, and the ability to coordinate all of those things with the team of people needed to build your dream home. If you think about it, hiring an architect is really more of an investment than an expense.

Save money
Often, the fee for architectural services can be significantly offset between efficient design, material and systems selection, and thorough coordination with the contractor to save time and money in construction. On top of that, a quality designed and built home can add notable market value to your bottom line.

Protect your investment
Architects are state-licensed professionals with extensive training, mandated continuing education, and are fully insured. They also function as the clients agent during construction to help ensure quick and effective responses to any issues that may come up.
Working with an architect gives you the peace of mind to know that the investment you are making into your home will meet or exceed your expectations.

Know what you're getting
Using the latest technology, architects can help you visualize and experience your project from the early design stages. You'll be more confident in making decisions and, most importantly, have a more enjoyable experience from start to finish!
Architects will coordinate the design with engineers and contractors in order to ensure the outcome you desire is achieved. By working with a team from the beginning, you'll be able to rest assured that everyone is on the same page.

Hiring an architect is an investment that adds value to your home and makes your life easier throughout the process. To learn more about working with an architect, download my Residential Process Guide.

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