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Creating timeless spaces through a site-specific and personal approach.

Sloan Springer Architect is a design-focused practice specializing in creating homes for people who want more than just a house. My clients see their home as a reflection of themselves. I believe that great design comes from a collaborative and tailored experience, playing off of the uniqueness of each client and the constraints of each project.

I don't just design houses, I craft happy and healthy homes.



Quality Design

Architecture is not an autonomous art form; every day we live in and interact with the built environment. Quality design capitalizes on this relationship by providing engaging and well-crafted spaces.


Team Effort

Architecture is a collaborative process, playing off the unique strengths, expertise, and experiences of everyone involved. Rather than simply dictating solutions, my role as an architect is to foster a creative environment where there are no bad ideas, only stepping stones to great ones.



Every project is different. The context and constraints should be viewed as opportunities, not roadblocks; thus, enabling a unique, site-specific solution that goes beyond any preconceived notion.


Multi-Faceted Sustainability

Sustainability is equally environmental, economic, and social. Architecture should respect the environment, perform efficiently, and give back to the community.

Sloan Springer AIA


From bookcases and houses in Austin, tech offices and high-rise condos in New York City, to opera facilities in Santa Fe, I've worked cross-country on a variety of award-winning projects. Design knows no scale, and with every project comes unique opportunities to do something special.



Registered architect in TX, NY, PA, & NJ
Bachelor of Environmental Design | Texas A&M University
Master of Architecture | Syracuse University

Press & Awards


Palma Plaza
Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

AIA Austin Design Award
Maru: Interiors & Houses, Lifestyle Design
Grand Designs Magazine
Real Estate Magazine


River Ranch
Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Helen Thompson In House
CultureMap Austin


Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Luxe Magazine


The Santa Fe Opera (Phase I, Phase II)
Matiz Architecture & Design

American Architects Building of the Week
USA Today
The Architects Newspaper


Flatiron Loft
Matiz Architecture & Design

AIANY Residential Interiors Review


Jersey City Urby
HLW International / Concrete

Jersey Digs



Design + Technology = Value

One of the key differences between myself and many other small design firms is the integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) into the core of my process. BIM enables me to provide you with 3D views of your project long before construction, and without the need for expensive and time-consuming physical models. I understand that plans, elevations, and sections are not always easy to comprehend. These 3D views will give you more confidence in design decisions.

BIM is a process where the architect creates a digital building model that evolves along with the project, from concept to construction. This model is used to generate the traditional floor plans, elevations, and sections typically used for buildings. Instead of manually drafting each individual drawing, information in the model is leveraged to create connected and intelligent documents. BIM enables a higher level of understanding, making it easier to ensure projects come out on time and on budget. Many residential architects do not currently implement BIM technology into their workflow. It's important to find an architect that does.

Clients Guide to BIM for Residential Projects